In an age of minute-to-minute notifications, text messages, spam emails, social media and countless other sources of constant mental “noise”, it takes a concentrated effort to just sit quietly and listen to yourself.  Can you relate?

Just for a moment, think about turning off your cell phone for a week. People can reach you on your landline if necessary (if you even have one). 

How does this make you feel?

As I’m becoming more focused in life, I’m eliminating all of these outside sources and life… is BETTER!

When you don’t have constant noise, notifications and interruptions stopping your train of thought all day and night, “miracles” begin to happen.

The truth is, all of these distractions are DESIGNED to keep your attention and distract you from your life.

Social Media Brainwashes You

Think of distraction creators as “drug dealers” constantly giving you a “dose of dopamine” to keep you hooked.

This may sound extreme but if it resonates with you, realize that dopamine addiction is real and needs to be taken seriously.

So begin a plan of ‘weaning’ yourself off of these distracting addictions.

Maybe ten minutes a day for three days.  Then 20 minutes for three days, then 30 minutes and so on until you’ve reached an hour. Then move up from there.

Or come up with your own plan that is realistic for you.

I’m not saying to cut off everything, just take a look a the notifications and content that’s really not benefiting you. Depending on your work, try to get emails down to 10-20 per day on average.

If you get blog post notifications from me for instance, I only send one to two per week… if that! So it’s okay so get my emails. (Had to say that.)

What you’ll find is that you’ll start to actually be able to hear your own thoughts and even have a conversation with yourself. Just be careful when speaking out loud or they might send folks in white jackets to come get you!

But seriously, you’ll be able to think, plan and execute better than before.

Your life… will improve.

You can start right now by paying attention to the conversation (thoughts) you’re having with yourself as you’re finishing reading this post.

Now build upon that conversation and those thoughts moment by moment, day by day.

Become your own best friend!

You’ll be surprised at what you say to yourself and how these conversations can drastically transform your life over time.

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